April 17, 2020 Friday News

Wyoming County 4-H

Friday News

April 17, 2020

During COVID-19 we want to make sure we are keeping all of our 4-H families up to date as much as we possibly can! During this time we will be releasing the “Friday News” where we will hopefully answer any questions you may have; these will also be available on our website to view. The entire Wyoming county 4-h staff is here for anything you and your families may need during this time so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your question(s)!

4-H Leader’s Corner…

National Volunteer Week is April 19th – April 25th

We want to extend a special thank you to all the youth and adults that volunteer to help with our local 4-H programs, fair, clubs, camp, etc. throughout the year. Without your dedication, we would not be able to carry out the multitude of activities and events that we offer through the 4-H Program in Wyoming County. THANK YOU!

Cookie sale updates…

Earlier this week, the cookie committee met, and have been floating ideas out to those who have placed orders back in January, and committees to evaluate different sale opportunities. This outreach was to see if youth and families would even consider avenues such as a presale, and then we would discuss our options. Not to say that this sort of sale is not still on the table, but we have had to make some decisions to do what’s best for our organization, and to make sure we can financially stay afloat to continue our programming for youth in the future. Our total expense is approximately $45,000 from these cookies and handling fees – and our goal – given the current climate, is to make back our lost revenue.

C&R Foods in Mt. Morris has graciously extended the offer to begin selling cases of our cookies on a trial basis out of their facility. This will begin as a trial basis today and tomorrow (open until 4pm today, and 8AM-12PM tomorrow), and may continue if things go well. This is a real win for our 4-H program for many reasons! Cornell Cooperative Extension is considered a non-essential service. Until the NYS PAUSE ceases, we are not allowed to conduct a sale of any kind. Given that this order has been extended, and likely could continue further until May, this poses many concerns. The approximate 5,000 cases that are being held at C&R are taking up valuable storage space for their own business. The longer we hold the cookies, we will see an increase in expenditure for facility fees. Also, some of the varieties are set to expire within the next 6 months. As we enter the summer months, holding a large volume of cookies while guaranteeing their integrity also becomes a point of concern.

Given that C&R Foods is consider an essential business, they’re able to operate and sell our cookies for our organization and we will not be out of compliance of the PAUSE government order. We realize that this point of sale will not be a complete reduction in stock, but will buy us more time, money, and space. Our goal with this year’s cookie sale is not to profit for our program, but to make back our expenses. Currently, that includes a case sale through C&R Foods, but may also include a pre-sale order by those individuals who placed cookie orders, and/or sales at local community events – pending the timing of when regular operations occur. Currently incentive prizes are not being considered as this would be too difficult to track through the case sale, but that may be an option in the future. 4-H cannot condone members buying cases from C&R Foods, and then selling them on their own during this time. Please bear with us as our organization is trying to do our best to support the community, through our programming efforts. Remember that this is the only county wide fundraiser the Wyoming County 4-H Program solicits. The cookie sale has always existed to support our efforts – which includes funding award trips, scholarships, our annual Recognition Night, public presentation prizes, camp scholarships, and more! Even if the incentives for individual youth do not work out this year, please remember that our county program would not exist without this fundraising effort. It is now, more than ever, that we are asking for community support to continue to provide the great quality of programming opportunities to youth in our program.

Wyoming County 4-H is not permitting members buying cases from C&R Foods, and selling them on their own during this time. That would be considered a non-sanctioned 4-H activity, and as mentioned below, incentives are not being honored for this point of sale. As with life these days, we need to be flexible, and the outlook of our imminent future seems to change weekly, so we are hopeful that we can make the cookie sale a success for all 4-H members. Patience and flexibility is something we need to emphasize.

Meat animal updates…

Meat Animal Project Registration Forms Due May 15th

All 4-H members participating the 2020 Meat Animal Lamb & Swine projects MUST submit a Lamb or Swine Registration Form by May 15th.Forms were included as the last page in the rule packets that were mailed last week.They can also be found on our website: http://wyoming.cce.cornell.edu/4-h-youth-development/projects-activities/livestockContact Holly with questions at hmh62@cornell.edu

Horse updates…

The horse leaders met Wednesday, April 15th to discuss our options moving forward to continue to make this year successful and worthwhile for all families, and we have devised the following changes to our program for the 2020 year.

Educational event participation will not be a requirement to enter the Wyoming County Fair.

The point system in place will stand, but with modifications. Youth who have attended 2020 equine educational events, and potentially any others offered when 4-H activities resume, will receive special recognition at the 2020 Recognition Night. Points will not be combined with the high point rider total this year, but will stand as a separate recognition for those youth that are able to go above and beyond towards their commitment to the horse project.

The Wyoming County 4-H Show planned for June 27th has been cancelled.

All rider evaluations will be postponed. Youth are asked to fill out the following fillable form so the 4-H office can better assess the needs of those who need evaluations, and then schedule them at the appropriate time and location. These registrations are due by June 1st, and evaluations will take place late June and early July.


  • Horse certificates are due June 1st if youth want to remain eligible to show at the NYS Fair. Otherwise, for 2020 only, certificates will be accepted until June 30th due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many youth may have not have the opportunity to ride their horse until activities resume, so this provision is to allow for those few circumstances to be accepted for the 2020 program year.
  • Fair Entry forms will still be due July 15th to the 4-H office, with legible Coggins & Rabies health forms, ATTACHED!

Currently, the Qualifier show is scheduled to go on as planned, as are the fair shows. However, the constantly changing situation could shift. The horse committee has another meeting planned for June, and at that time it will become much clearer of other decisions regarding fair will need to be made. Please reach out if you have any further questions, or concerns.

Dog updates…

The dog committee met Thursday, April 9th to discuss our options moving forward, and we have devised the following changes to our program for the 2020 year.

The dog program will not publicly advertise for our program for 2020. This includes Pennysaver ads, posters, and community calendar outreach.

We will not be holding any formal dog obedience classes this spring, and both scheduled trials have been cancelled. We are encouraging youth to work at home with their dog as much as possible at this time. Please see the following webpage for our training guide & other resources. http://wyoming.cce.cornell.edu/4-h-youth-development/projects-activities/dog-care-obedience-program

Any 4-H youth that have not participated in the dog project in the past, unfortunately will not be allowed to participate in the dog program this year – due to time constraints for proper training. We highly encourage youth to access our training guide, work on your obedience skills at home this year, and join our program next spring.

Youth who have completed the dog project in the past, may participate this year IN THE SAME CLASS YOU LAST GRADUATED. This stands for obedience, rally obedience, and agility. We highly encourage youth to contact available leaders to work on training remotely, and in person once 4-H activities resume.

Fair entries will be due July 15th, along with copies of a rabies certificate, to the 4-H office.

If youth or families have any further questions or concerns regarding the dog project, please do not hesitate to contact me via email sac347@cornell.edu. If circumstances change, the dog committee will be meeting again to make further changes to this year’s program.

Family & Consumer Science updates…

The Family & Consumer Science Committee met Tuesday, April 14th to discuss upcoming events impacted by the stay at home PAUSE order. Please see the following!

  • County & District clothing revue will NOT being taking place this year. Youth are encouraged to work on sewing projects and garments throughout the spring and summer, and bring these items to the fair to be evaluated. A fashion revue at the fair will be conducted in place of the May 8th opportunity. Youth who participate in this event at the fair will receive a $10 premium. More information to come on the details of this event in late June.
  • “Delicious Destinations” scheduled for June 2nd has been cancelled for 2020.

Masks will now need to be worn by any person in a public space who cannot maintain social distancing. If youth & volunteers have the capability, this is a wonderful opportunity for community service. There are many farms in the area that are in need of such donations. Please contact Sarah sac347@cornell.edu if you’re interested in making a donation. On the FCS program page you will find a few pattern options. http://wyoming.cce.cornell.edu/4-h-youth-development/projects-activities/family-consumer-sciences

Plant Science Updates…

  • Gladiola bulbs will not be picked up on the scheduled meeting date of April 29th. Instead, we will have a “curbside pickup” at the 4-H office in May. Date TBD.
  • Giant vegetable seeds/started plants will also be distributed curbside, at a later date in May TBD. Stay tuned!!

Market Goat reminders…

  • There WILL BE NO weigh-in or tagging at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds for GOATS on Thursday, May 14th. In place of the weigh-in, participating members must complete and return the appropriate Project identification form via email or US Postal service to the 4-H office by May 15th in order to register project animals. You can access the full set of rules and Project Identification forms on our website at: http://wyoming.cce.cornell.edu/4-h-youth-development/projects-activities/goats

Please reach out to Stephanie Luders via email sal294@cornell.edu if you have questions about the market goat project after reviewing all of the new information.

Dairy reminder…

Stephanie will be hosting a dairy Jeopardy game night, via zoom, for youth who want to test their knowledge on dairy breeds, dairy products, judging, herd health, and dairy nutrition. The event will take place on Wednesday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm. To register for the game night, please email Stephanie at sal294@cornell.edu and she will send you a link to connect. Attached is a link to some great study materials if you want to freshen up on your dairy knowledge!


At home activities…

New 4-H at Home Activity Guide Available from National 4-H

Are you looking for some creative new ideas to work on as 4-H activities and projects?National 4-H released their newest guide which you can download here: https://4-h.org/about/4-h-at-home/there are 16 different projects that families can work on while spending time at home.

4-H Camp Wyomoco…

As we travel through these ever-changing times, we want to thank you all for your continued support of 4-H Camp Wyomoco. We will be making a decision about running camp this summer based on recommendations from both the State and the Department of Health; however, because recommendations are unlikely to be handed down prior to May, we will be extending the early bird registration deadline until a final decision has been reached. We will share any and all information with you as soon as we can, but as of this moment, we are preparing for another summer at camp! In the meantime, please take advantage of the virtual activities that some of our incredible camp staff will be leading; activities can be found via our website, as well as our Facebook page. Again, we want to thank you all for your continued support of 4-H Camp Wyomoco!


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4-H Administrative Assistant
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