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April 24, 2020 4-H Friday News

Wyoming county 4-H

Friday News

April 24, 2020

During COVID-19 we want to make sure we are keeping all of our 4-H families up to date as much as we possibly can! During this time we will be releasing the “Friday News” where we will hopefully answer any questions you may have; these will also be available on our website to view. The entire Wyoming county 4-h staff is here for anything you and your families may need during this time so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your question(s)!

Wyoming County 4-H Leaders’ Association Meeting…

In an effort to connect with our volunteer leaders, we still plan to have a Leaders’ Association meeting on Monday, May 4th at 7pm. The meeting will be via Zoom and connection details will be emailed to all enrolled volunteer leaders through our 4-H online email system. If you have questions or topics that you would like to discuss, email Holly at

Cookie sale updates…

April 23rd, 2020

Dear 4-H Community,

Every spring, the Wyoming County 4-H Program has continued the tradition of selling cookies as the only county-wide fundraiser for our youth program. When all goes as planned, youth who order and sell cookies have the opportunity to sell for campership or gift card incentive, and for the larger goal of supporting the county program. This fundraiser helps support 4-H teaching materials, club & camp scholarships, award trips, member recognition such as pins, medals and certificates, in addition to many learning opportunities for members and leaders.

Due to unforeseen and long-term complications from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our program is sitting on $45,000 in expenses, primarily in cookies we purchased back in January. We are unable to hold our cookie sale until NYS un-PAUSES. Even then, our traditional sale would have to be deeply modified to comply with reopening restrictions and regulations. The cookies we purchased back in January for our original sale have been at C&R Foods in Mt. Morris since March awaiting distribution. For the past several years, they have received our cookie order, and then sorted and delivered to our area cookie chairs the day before our sale begins. After many conversations, the owners of C&R Foods have graciously agreed to sell some of our cookies by the case on our behalf. They’re able to do this for us, as they function as an “essential business” and Cornell Cooperative Extension does not fit under these criteria. Since it would be too difficult to track individual sales, individual incentive prizes are not able to be honored this year.

The cookie sale at C&R Foods began April 17th and will end on May 2nd. To date, the sale has gone over very well. We are so proud and thankful to our community members who have already went out and purchased cookies. Your support means the world to us! Cookies are being sold by the case at our retail price of $48, as we do not anticipate our full purchase order of cookies will be sold in this fashion. After the retail sale through C&R ends, we plan to donate a portion of the remaining stock back to our community partners, and sell to local grocers. If this initiative is more successful than anticipated, we will make additional effort to reinvest some of our profits made back into the community. Varieties available include Fudge Mint, Peanut Butter Crème, Lemon Crème, Coconut Crème, Fudge Crème, Raspberry Whippet, and Maple Crème. We highly encourage those who want to support our cause to pick up curbside during Friday or Saturday hours; however C&R will be open to sell during the week. Although our organization cannot encourage “re-sale” of cases, we encourage families to collect orders from friends, family members, and community partners to help minimize the number of transactions our friends at C&R will have to make throughout this sales process and to help further minimize travel during the PAUSE Act. The staff at C&R Foods deserve the biggest thank you from our 4-H community for this gracious service they’re providing our program. Please be patient with them as you go to pick up cookies, as they are working with a reduced staff and are trying their best to help our organization while continuing to successfully run their own business.

We know that this is a difficult pill to swallow as many 4-H’ers were looking forward to selling cookies this year. However, this year has been full of challenges, and we are doing our best to ensure we can continue to provide great programming for our 4-H membership. The cookie sale, after all, is the only county-wide fundraiser we hold, and without it, our programming would look drastically different.

Any support that can be given during these times is welcome, and appreciated. We encourage youth and families to reach out to their friends and families who typically look forward to purchasing cookies, as we want to express that although the cookies sale won’t be happening through individual 4-H’ers this year, our cause is still the same. We fully plan to conduct our traditional cookie sale next year! On behalf of all the 4-H Staff and CCE, we thank all of our 4-H families, alumni, and community for your unwavering support in our programming. *****************************************************************************

C&R Foods - 10 Van Dorn Ave, Mt. Morris, NY

M-F: 8AM-4PM and Saturday: 8AM-12PM

Cash or check only, payable to ‘Wyoming County Leaders Association’

No appointment necessary, just stop by during business hours and staff will gladly assist for a curbside transaction. If you are collecting a large case order (over 20 cases) please consider stopping by or calling ahead during their weekday hours so staff can get your order ready. If you are part of an organization who wants to purchase cookies to support the cause, please email Sarah at to inform our program of your generosity.

Meat animal updates…

Meat Animal Project Registration Forms Due May 15th

All 4-H members participating the 2020 Meat Animal Lamb & Swine projects MUST submit a Lamb or Swine Registration Form by May 15th. Forms were included as the last page in the rule packets that were mailed last week. They can also be found on our website: Contact Holly with questions at

Online Animal Science Learning Opportunities

The Cornell Department of Animal Science has put together a great list of online learning resources for Beef, Dairy, Dog, Equine, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Swine and Farm Tours. Take a look:

Family & Consumer Science updates…

  • Are you cooking or baking since being home? Email Sarah your recipes and pictures! Submit by May 31st. These will be compiled for a virtual cookbook that will be posted on our website – to celebrate that while we weren’t able to be together, we can share the delicious creations we made at home!!
  • The Wyoming County Cooking Club is not going to hold a formal meeting, but wants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo virtually! On May 5th, plan a special Mexican themed meal to share with your family at home. Tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, the possibilities are endless! We will be sharing on Facebook, or email Sarah if you do not utilize that platform. Share with the hashtags #cincodemayofromhome #4hgrowshere
  • CCE is currently seeking mask donations to distribute to local farms. If a club, leader, or youth are interested in donating, please contact Sarah to coordinate pickup!

Plant Science Updates…

Goat updates…

Stephanie will be hosting a Goat Jeopardy game night, via zoom, for youth who want to test their knowledge on goat breeds, goat products, judging, herd health, and goat nutrition. The event will take place on Thursday, April 30th at 6:30 pm. To register for the game night, please email Stephanie at and she will send you a link to connect. Below is a link for a website containing study materials.

Reminder that if you would like to participate in the goat essay contest, that essays must be postmarked by May 1, 2020! For youth ages 8-17, you may compete in an essay contest to win a registered Alpine doe kid. The Alpine kid is being donated to a 4-H member as a project animal. This is a multi-county contest. The Alpine kid is located in Jordan, NY. If you would like to compete in the essay contest, please contact Stephanie at for the mailing address and further information.

Dairy update…

The 4-H Dairy Committee met this week and discussed some options for educational contests. The committee is looking to put together some virtual dairy judging events. We will be offering the judging classes a few different ways: live video feeds, photo options, and class reasons via zoom. Stay tuned for more details such as dates & times that we will be offering our judging classes. If you are looking for ways to learn about judging beforehand, check out this website for study materials. Any questions, you may email Stephanie at sal294@cornell.edu

Wyoming County 4-H Facebook Challenges

Join Wyoming County 4-H for a bit of fun over the next few weeks on our Facebook page! We are challenging our 4-H members (along with help from your families) to do an activity each week and share your results with us here in photos. This week’s challenge is based on our fair-time Costume Show! Dress up one of your 4-H project animals, pets, or yourself if you don’t have a critter and place a photo here in the comments. Remember this is for Wyoming County 4-H members, keep it 4-HA (4-H appropriate) and spread some joy. We will randomly choose one photo participant to receive some 4-H swag next Saturday evening! If you don’t have Facebook, you can still participate by checking out the Friday News. Simply email pictures of your finished products to to share with us.

NYS 4-H is making a difference…

As we all know, 4-H’ers across the country are doing amazing things—big and small—to make the world a better place during the time of COVID-19. Over the next few weeks, NYS 4-H wants to bring these stories to the forefront and inspire kids everywhere to make a difference, too. We all know that young people can make a huge impact during times like these—and we want to tell those incredible stories.

As you come across the stories of young people who are doing something positive to help their communities, make a difference, or even just make people smile, would you help us by sharing their stories via this quick form? It can be completed by an Extension professional, parent or 4-H’er.

Thanks for your help as we work together to tell the story of 4-H’ers stepping up to lead in the midst of crisis.

4-H Camp Wyomoco…

Join us on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 for a 4-H Camp Wyomoco’s At Home Scavenger Hunt via Zoom. We will gather at 3PM and I will call out items that you can find around your house. Show these in the time limit for a point. The one with the most points at the end of the game will get some cool camp swag.

Thursday, April 30th Show Off Your Pet on our upcoming Zoom meeting! Do you have a dog or a cat? Maybe a turtle, a ferret, or a chicken? All pets are welcome to join you and me on the zoom on Thursday April 30th at 2PM!! Everyone will get a chance to show off their pets and tell us about how they are enjoy their pets during this time!


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