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July 17, 2020 Friday News

Wyoming County 4-H

Friday News

July 17, 2020

During COVID-19 we want to make sure we are keeping all of our 4-H families up to date as much as we possibly can! During this time we will be releasing the “Friday News” where we will hopefully answer any questions you may have; these will also be available on our website to view. The entire Wyoming county 4-h staff is here for anything you and your families may need during this time so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your question(s)!

4-H Club Meeting & Activity Guidance...

Remember that as of June 26th, Wyoming County 4-H meetings officially recommenced.Organizers and leaders conducting these types of activities must, per the NYSDOH, comply with all NY Forward Guidelines for Phase 4.In addition to following the NYSDOH guidelines, all participants in attendance must sign the “Volunteer Assumption of Risk Form” and return it to Alesia Ackerman in the 4-H office prior to their first meeting.Families may turn in one form per family, so long as they indicate each family participant on the form; each club leader must turn in an individual form.

We realize that not all groups will be meeting in the near future, which is not a problem.At this time, we would ask that when club leaders schedule any meeting, that they first contact Holly Harwood in the 4-H office to ensure we have the necessary documentation for contact tracing.We also request that each 4-H group engage in COVID-19 best practices for all upcoming meetings for the foreseeable future:

1. The number of people in attendance of any meeting may not exceed the number permitted by the phase of reopening for your region (ie. In Phase 3, this should be no more than 25 people at a meeting).The number includes the total number of leaders, members, parents, speakers, etc.Attendance should be noted/taken for accountability, contact tracing, and documentation of meeting size.

2. Social distancing procedures include the following best practices:

  • The wearing of masks by all participants present OR
  • Maintaining 6-foot distances between participants without touching of any kind
  • Meetings must be held outdoors whenever possible, or in a public or CCE space.Meetings should not take place in private homes at this time.
  • Hand sanitizer should be readily available at all times (please contact us if you need a supply of sanitizer!)
  • The meeting time should be kept to less than two hours.
  • Only single serve, commercially prepared, food and drink should be provided.
  • Participants are welcome to bring their own water (clearly labeled with their name) for hydration.
  • These recommendations are based on the best available guidance at this time and are subject to change as new information becomes available. Additional guidance can be obtained from the NYSDOH, our local health department, and the CDC.We realize there will be youth and families who are not comfortable meeting in person at this time. It is critical that these decisions are respected, and that there is no pressure applied, or opportunities withheld, due to a decision not to participate.Please do not hesitate to continue to hold virtual meetings should you wish to do so.

    Livestock Updates…

    • YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) Training - Coupons are still available for the YQCA training that is required by the meat animal BEEF, LAMB, AND SWINE projects for participation in the online auction. This program can be done online and provides approximately 60 minutes of guided education on food safety, animal well-being, and character awareness for youth raising and showing livestock. Contact Holly for more information at
    • Meat Animal Auction Updates – The latest auction program information can be found on our website at:

    Family & Consumer Science Updates…

    • Do you have some questions regarding the “Youth Building Exhibit Evaluation” Day? Join Sarah for a Zoom meeting, Tuesday July 21st at 7pm. We will go over all the logistics on how this year’s evaluation day will run, and answer any questions you may have about the change in process this year! Click the Zoom below link to enter the meeting.
    • Gladiola Project Participants! Don’t forget to email Sarah at if you’re interested in participating in the showing demonstration and evaluation experience at Spencer’s Gladiolus, Oatka Rd., Perry Monday August 17th. At 6pm the demonstration will begin, where novice youth will learn how to display a single spike, corsage or arrangement. 7pm will begin the evaluations of the items created during that first hour, and for more experienced youth who want to bring their items for evaluation and recognition. All participants should bring a few spikes of their own gladiolus if they have them, and a small container if they want to create an arrangement. This year’s arrangement themes are up to the individual! All youth will be recognized for participating.

    Dairy Updates…

    • Dairy challenge is happening tomorrow, Saturday July 18th, at 9:30am at the Ag & Business Center, 36 Center St, Warsaw.
    • Dairy judging will take place on Saturday, August 29th, starting at 12:30pm at Emerling Farms, Perry, NY.

    Goat Updates…

    • Goat challenge is next Thursday, July 23rd, at 6:30pm at the Ag & Business Center, Warsaw.

    General 4-H Updates….

    • As many of you know this spring, the Tractor Supply Company Spring Paper Clover campaign was postponed as they waited to see how the COVID pandemic would unfold. Although they were hopeful that this would be a short interruption and they be able to continue as planned, unfortunately, months later, many of the 4-H programs were restricted from in-person programming and stores were still working to minimize face to face customer interaction. As a result, we are excited to announce that both Warsaw and Arcade TSC’s are working with us to host a 100% online fundraising campaign this summer. From July 15-26, 2020 customers can donate at online check out; this should work for both online (shipped) purchases and curbside pickup! The funds for this will be distributed to our local 4-H program via the Fourward Fund.

    4-H Camp Wyomoco…

    • Every Wednesday we will post a fun at home activity for you all to enjoy!
    • We are excited to announce several dates for Family Camp Days! These are 1-day camp experiences for your family (groups of up to 8 people). Check out Camp’s website and Facebook page for more information and registration links!


    Alesia Ackerman
    4-H Administrative Assistant
    585-786-2251 ext 110

    Last updated July 17, 2020