The Recycling Ag Plastics Project (RAPP) promotes life-cycle stewardship of the plastic products and packaging that have become integral to all aspects of farming: Plastic films are used to wrap forage, to cover greenhouses, and to mulch fields of vegetables and soft fruits. Most nursery containers are made of plastic, as are the containers used for pesticides and dairy sanitizers. Irrigation and maple tubing are plastic. The list goes on. However, farmers have not had good options for disposing of used plastic. Much of it has been burned in open fires, generating dioxins and other pollutants, or dumped in some out of the way place on-the-farm. Some plastic is buried in landfills, which wastes this valuable, energy-rich resource. The Recycling Ag Plastics Project is working to change these patterns by developing recycling infrastructure and markets for dairy, livestock and horticultural plastics. Recycling converts scrap into new products and, possibly, into new plastic monomers. RAPP is a collaboration of Cornell University with agriculture producers and agricultural, environmental, economic development and solid waste/recycling agencies, organizations and businesses.

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If you are interested in the program and would like more information as it becomes available, please contact either:

Richard Downs at 585-786-2251 ext 142 or email

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Last updated June 15, 2016