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Honeybee Sugar Roll: Looking for the Villains in Your Colony!

  • Saturday, June 24, 2017, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Your colony has a good queen, lots of capped brood, and plenty of honey, pollen, and nectar stored. The weather has finally turned balmy, and there are loads of spring blossoms. But nearly invisible are threats from within the hive: parasites.

A major parasite of honeybees is the Varroa destructor, an external parasitic mite. This pest attacks both the honeybees and the developing brood, sucking the blood from both, especially drone brood. This mite can only reproduce in a honeybee colony, and contributes directly to colony loss. It is very important to determine the mite load in any honeybee colony. Other threats include the hive beetle, Nosema apis (a bacterial internal parasite caused by a fungi), and the wax moth.

At this workshop, you will learn what to look for when you inspect your colonies, how to determine the mite load for your colony, and if you should treat and when. We will also discuss the invasion of the hive beetle, devastation from Nosema, and the destruction caused by wax moths.  

Bee suits and veils required.

Pre-registration required.  Register online, or call the office to register.

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Christi Smith
Regional IT Coordinator


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