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2018 Feed Dealer Seminar


2018 Feed Dealer Seminar with guest speakers Dr. Tom Overton and Dr. Kristen Reed, Ph.D.

  • Friday, December 14, 2018, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

2018 Feed Dealer Seminars The Feed Dealer Seminars are specifically targeted for nutritionists, veterinarians, crop and management consultants, extension educators, and dairy producers with specific interest in nutrition-oriented topics. They are designed to blend the latest concepts in feeding and other management aspects of dairies with field level application. They have been conducted annually as a road show with multiple sites in New York for many years with an additional Vermont location held during the past several years in collaboration with the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance. 

Locations: Held at 6 sites in New York and 1 in Vermont 

Speakers: - Dr. Tom Overton, Professor of Dairy Management and Director, PRO-DAIRY program, Cornell University - Dr. Kristan Reed, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance Partners Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow 

Topics: - Maximizing milk fat on the dairy - RuMUNations on nitrogen efficiency (aka, Strategies for assessing and improving nitrogen efficiency through the entire lactation) Date Time Location

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