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Delicious Destinations


"Delicious Destinations" Exploring Foods throughout the United States

  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Explore the different regions of the United States, along with their cultures and heritage!

With the United States being home to a variety of regional cuisine and the influence of immigrant groups past and present, we challenge you, as 4-H independent and club members, to select a U.S. region or city and research the origins of the foods we eat and their culinary histories and traditions!

It’s easy! As a club (or independent member), pick a region of the United States (or city) you are interested in exploring! Over the next several months, gather information on the region’s cuisine, including styles of cooking or special dishes, and the history or origins of the food item(s) or recipes.

As an opportunity to highlight what members learn from participating in this experience, Wyoming County 4-H will host a ‘Delicious Destinations – Exploring Foods throughout the United States’ event on Tuesday evening, June 8, 2021. In planning for an evening that will be interesting and enjoyable for everyone, your club (or independent members) should be prepared to:

  • Share samples of a food/dish that is representative of your region/city with other participants.
  • All food samples must be prepared prior to the event, and prepackaged for distribution.
  • Plan a short presentation (5 minutes max) to share what you have learned with others.
  • Put together a small display highlighting what you learned by participating in the project i.e. posters, photographs, clothing, recipes, etc.)

Pre-registration is required as spacing is limited. Attendance at this event will be limited based on the current COVID meeting guidance. This will provide a great opportunity for everyone to discover ‘delicious destinations’ within the United States by sampling foods and sharing information, without leaving Wyoming County (or even the room)! The 4-H Office has found many great resources that will help you get started. Call the 4-H office for further information or to sign up by May 21st!


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Last updated April 29, 2021