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Woods Walk

  • Saturday, September 30, 2023, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday, September 30th


2320 Centerline Rd. Varysburg, NY 14167

Don Gasiewicz hosts the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA), along with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Wyoming County, and Greg Rose of Rose Forestry, for woods walk.Participants will observe the early stages of implementing a NYSDEC Forest Stewardship Plan, observe an active EQIP contract for thinning and American Beech treatment. Demonstration to include equipment used in mechanical and chemical treatment of beech, a look at the before and after in areas where thinning has or will occur. After that, we’ll head out front where Greg Rose of Rose Forestry in Holland is going to have his portable sawmill set up to demonstrate the process involved in milling up a couple logs. With any time left, we’ll take a tour of Don’s outdoor mushroom growing operation and go over utilizing low quality timber in mushroom cultivation.

If you are a woodlot owner and want to be more engaged with your woods, this is the perfect workshop for you. The program is intended for woodland owners with beginner to intermediate knowledge and/or skill, as well as anyone interested in learning about sustainable forestry practices, forest health, and restoring your woodlot.It will examine basic silviculture principles, including thinning, and harvesting to manage the stock, density, composition, growth, health, regeneration, and overall quality of a forest stand. Additional topics will include cost share programs, introducing and establishing new tree species on the property, as well as outdoor log grown mushroom production.The goal is to help folks understand the benefits of forest management and give them some ideas of projects that they might like to implement on their own properties. Forester Nate Morey will provide info about forest management and DEC assistance for private forest owners.


Don Gasiewicz
Agriculture Community Educator
585-786-2251 ext 113


Toad Song Mushrooms
2320 Centerline Rd
Varysburg, NY 14167

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