4-H week 2021




“Find Your Spark!”

National 4-H Week is a time to celebrate 4-H and spread the word about Cornell Cooperative Extension’s exciting 4-H Youth Development Program. This year's theme is “Find Your Spark”. Help us promote how 4-H “Find Your Spark” right here in Wyoming County by participating in one of the contests listed below! These contests provide a great project for you individually or your club to work on as you re-organize for the upcoming 4-H year! Participate in one or all of the following activities during 4-H week. The contests provide an opportunity for you to express your ideas on what 4-H means to you. The awards for each contest will be announced in the next 4-H News.


Club secretary should deliver the completed book to the 4-H office by Friday, October 8th. All books will be judged and given a ribbon. The top 3 blue ribbon books will receive $10.00, $7.50, and $5.00 respectively.


1. Must be in Wyoming County store or business window, school or bank- some place where it will be seen by the public.

2. Must pertain to current theme- "Find Your Spark"

3. Must include club name and National 4-H Week dates, October 3-9, 2021.

4. If using any food or live plant material in display, it should look well all week.

5. Must be in place by 6:00 p.m. October 8th and remain in place through Saturday, October 16th (almost 2 weeks).

** Be sure to notify the 4-H office by Tuesday, October 5th regarding the location of the exhibit. (585-786-2251)

Awards for the display will be Blue awards- $15.00, Red awards- $12.50. In addition-- 1st, 2nd and 3rd blues will receive an additional $5.00, $4.00, and $3.00 respectively.


1. One poster per club. (Poster should not be part of “display contest.”)

2. Posters must be 22" by 28"

3. Poster must include the following information:

a.) National 4-H Week dates- October 3-9, 2021

b.) 4-H Club name

c.) Subject matter and title on poster is optional, but should encourage youth and adults to join 4-H. Try incorporating this year’s theme: “Find Your Spark”

4. Make posters colorful, visible across a large room, with neatly printed words. One idea is best. Any media may be used: paint, magic markers, etc.

5. Poster must be in place by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 3rd.

6. Poster should be placed where it will attract the most attention. Example: store windows, banks, dairy bars, gas stations, etc.

** Be sure to notify the 4-H office by Tuesday, October 5th as to where the posters are placed, (786-2251). Posters will be picked up by

Friday, October 15th and returned to the 4-H office for judging. Please ask storekeeper to save the poster until pick up!

All posters will receive a ribbon and cash incentive. All blue ribbons will receive $3.00, red ribbons $2.00, and white $1.00. In addition, the first blue will receive $5.00, second blue $4.00, and third blue $3.00.


1. Topic: “Find Your Spark”

2. Awards will be offered in 3 age categories:

a.) Ages 8-11, essay must be at least 50 words.

b.) Ages 12-15, essay must be at least 150 words

c.) Ages 16 and older, essay must be at least 250 words.

3. Essays must be written, typed or printed neatly so they can be easily read.

** Essays are due by Friday, October 8th at the 4-H Office, 36 Center Street, Suite B, Warsaw for judging. Blues- $3.00, Reds- $2.00, & Whites- $1.00. The 1st blue in each group will receive $5.00, 2nd blue- $4.00, 3rd blue- $3.00.


1.Topic: “Find Your Spark

2.Letters must be printed in local newspapers (Batavia Daily, Country Courier, Arcade Herald, Perry Herald) during National 4-H Week.

3.Notify the 4-H Office that you have submitted a Letter to the Editor

Prizes: Blues - $3.00, Reds - $2.00, & Whites - $1.00. The 1st blue in each group will receive $5.00, 2nd blue - $4.00, 3rd blue


Create a unique one-of-a-kind scarecrow to promote National 4-H Week. We are going to create a 4-H trail on Facebook for people to check out the scarecrow creations!

1.The contest is open to any 4-H club, family, or individuals.
2.Scarecrows can be in place at 4-H members’ homes or a Wyoming County business.
3.Must pertain to the current theme- “Find Your Spark”
4.Must be in place by 6:00 p.m. October 3rd and remain in place through Sunday, October 17th (almost 2 weeks). ** Be sure to notify the 4-H office by Tuesday, October 5th regarding the location of the exhibit. (786-2251) Awards for the display will be 1st place- $20.00, 2nd place- $15.00, 3rd place- $10.00

    Last updated September 30, 2021