In light of rising COVID-19 cases, increasing hospitalizations, and reduced healthcare capacities

across the region, CCE Wyoming has made the diffcult decision to suspend all in-person 4-H

programming through January 3rd. We know this is disappointing news, and while we’re

dismayed at having to pause in-person programming for the time-being, we hope to ensure

everyone’s safety for the holiday season. And while in-person programming may be on hold, our

4-H Team will continue to provide exciting virtual and hybrid at-home activities throughout the

month of December.

With the suspension of in-person programing, also comes the decision to temporarily postpone

our 4-H Beef Weigh-in until a later date (TBD). COVID-19 has touched 4-H families across the

state, and to ensure the safety of any families who may be subject to quarantine guidance or

waiting on test results, we have decided to revisit our weigh-in program in early 2021. We realize

this is disappointing for many of our 4-H families, and we thank you for your understanding and

patience as we work with local agencies to ensure the health and safety of our participants and

staff. Stay tuned for updates as we tweak our calendars to ensure the best beef program yet!

Thank you all for your patience, good humor, and creativity as we navigate the final weeks of

2020! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for

virtual programming. We look forward to kicking of 2021 with a new slate of innovative

programs and, with any luck, an excellent summer ahead!cover photo 

Last updated December 9, 2020