Wyoming County’s Agriculture in the Classroom began on March 4, 2013 in the Wyoming County elementary and middle schools. With the focus of educating students on agriculture and strengthening their connection to the agriculture present in their community; students delve into hands-on activities designed to cultivate their knowledge and interest in agriculture to be future informed consumers. Agriculture in the Classroom of Wyoming County and NY Agriculture in the Classroom are pleased to lead the way into the future by helping teachers integrate agriculture into local school curriculum. It is our pleasure to assist educators in helping their students learn how the food they eat and the fibers they wear get from farm to table.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your grade level team and collectively find a lesson that will enrich one of your current lessons or cultivate your students’ interests. The following is a list of current lessons Ag in the classroom can bring to your students!


Katie Marusarz
Ag in the Classroom Educator
585-786-2251 x126

Last updated July 5, 2017