The Wyoming County Beekeepers discussion group has evolved into a solid membership dedicated to the preservation and promotion of honeybees. Meetings and workshops are held throughout the year, devoted to honeybee and beekeeper education.

Subjects include beeyard management, rearing queens, hive construction, honeycomb extraction, pest mitigation and management, and capturing swarms, plus many more.

Enroll now to learn more about the fascinating and hard-working honeybee. Whether you have a beeyard or just want a better understanding of honeybees, the Beekeeper meetings have something to offer anyone.

Please contact Debra Welch at 585-786-2251 or djw275@cornell.edu if you are interested in the program and would like to learn more.


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Debra Welch
Agriculture Program Educator
585-786-2251 ext 125

Last updated May 15, 2020