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August 6, 2021 4-H Friday News

Wyoming County 4-H

Friday News

August 6, 2021

The entire Wyoming county 4-H staff is here for anything you and your families may need, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your question(s)!

Barn clean up night

  • Remember - Tuesday, August 10th is our barn cleanup starting at 5:30pm.There will be several projects to do in the sheep, swine, poultry and rabbit areas after a year off. Projects in the new barn will be limited as it is almost show ready! Please keep in mind that set up in the new barn will be after 7pm.Please be courteous to the families and exhibitors that are actually coming to help get projects done for everyone before clubs and families start moving in their own displays. Please also keep in mind that the barn cannot be open all hours of the night for people to work on display areas. It is our responsibility to shut down the barn each night and close things up to keep everyone’s items safe. Thank you!

Meat Animal Lamb Shearing Opportunity…

  • Meat animal lamb participants can get help shearing their project animals on Tuesday, August 10th between 4-6pm.Please contact Holly to schedule your time and let us know how many animals you are brining.

Meat Animal Auction Exhibitors…

  • Remember that you need to submit auction pictures and stories to or by Monday, August 2nd.Please email Holly at if you have any questions. Final fair preparation letters will be going out in the mail next week with last minute reminders and schedules. Don’t forget to turn in any final paperwork and start reaching out to potential buyers if you have not yet.

Poultry & Rabbit Clover Bud Fair Exhibits…

  • Because of the large number of poultry and rabbit exhibits, we are going to have clover bud exhibitors bring their project animals the day of their respective shows and then take them home after their show. This will mean that you should be prepared with a pet carrier that the animals will be comfortable with for several hours. The clover bud evaluators will be available for each show shortly after check in starts and will only be working with the clover buds. This will alleviate long lines and hopefully make for better first fair experience. If you have any questions about this, please contact Holly in the 4-H office and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Rabbit Showmanship Clinic…

  • The rabbit showmanship clinic will be held on Tuesday, August 10th at 7pm, in the poultry and rabbit barn at the fairgrounds. Please do not bring a rabbit with you. This will be a demonstration along with question-and-answer session.

Youth Building Reminders…

  • Youth Building Evaluation - REMINDER that static exhibit evaluation (baked goods, crafts, sewn items, vegetables, flowers, handyman, photography, etc!!) will be judged FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th 1-7pm!!
    • *The photography section was modified to reflect the new state fair guidelines. All photos taken by 4-H members, regardless of if they participated in a formal class or not, will be allowed at our County Fair!!
  • We’re still looking for vegetables to be donated – for the vegetable art contest Sunday, August 15th at 1pm!
  • Educational Booths - *All booth spaces have been filled for the 2021 fair season. A reminder to those who have reserved booth spaces: All booths should be in place by 7:00 p.m. Friday, August 13th. The Youth Building will be open for set-up on Tuesday, August 10th from 12:00pm – 7:00pm, Wednesday, August 11th from 9:00am – 1:00pm, Thursday afternoon, August 12th from 2:00-5:00pm and on Friday, August 13th from 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Please see page 66 of the fair book for information on booth size and prize money to be awarded. As stated in the fair book, booths will be rated excellent, good and worthy. Each booth will receive a guarantee of $25.00.The first-place blue ribbon booth will receive an additional $15.00, second place booth $10.00 and third place booth $5.00. Booths are assigned at random on Tuesday, August 10th. Please do not switch booth tags. Some booths do have center posts in them. Please plan to bring with you all the supplies you will need to set up your booth. A "starter" list might include: staple gun, staples, pins, tape, construction paper, magic markers, decorative paper or covering, glue, scissors, tacks, measuring tape, nails, hammer, screwdriver, stencils/lettering supplies, etc. We would also recommend putting up chicken wire or a small fence in front of your booth. Items left in your booth are displayed at your own risk. In an effort to “brighten up” the building, the 4-H Leaders’ Association will provide spotlights for each of the educational booths.
  • Gladiolus Society Show - The youth portion of the NYS Gladiolus Society Show will be taking place Sunday, August 15th at the People’s Building! Plan to bring your gladiolus around 10:30/11am for entry. Youth do not need to stay for evaluation. Youth exhibits will be on display in the People’s Building all week. Families, please plan to pick up your exhibits before 4pm on Saturday August 21st from the People’s Building.

Horse Leaders Meeting…

  • Along with the other animal barns, horse barn cleanup begins at 5:30pm. All 4-H exhibitors are encouraged to help out, to clean up the barns after two years without use. Please bring rakes, brooms (for cobwebs), wheel barrows and general tools. It is a good idea to inspect the stalls for potential hazards. Stabling assignments and the final “Leaders Meeting” will be held this evening to shore up any volunteer needs for show week.

*There have been no changes to when 4-H horse exhibitors arrive at the fairgrounds. Please enter via the back bridge on water street Monday morning (8/16).

Dog Shows…

  • A reminder to our 4-H dog program participants, that Saturday’s Rally Obedience and Agility Show begin at noon Saturday August 14th, and the obedience show begins at 2pm Sunday August 15th – both by the baseball diamond off of Water Street.

4-H Dairy Exhibitors Meeting

  • For youth showing dairy, we will have an exhibitor meeting on Saturday, August 14th, at 3 P.M. in the arena. Following the meeting we will have a mini showmanship clinic. Youth will have an opportunity to walk around the ring and get some last-minute tips and tricks for showmanship day!

Agriculture Expo Center Guidelines

  • Agriculture Expo Center Guidelines - For Dairy, Beef, and Goat exhibitors below is the link to the guidelines for the Agriculture Expo Center. If you have not had a chance to review them, please do before fair. Thank you!

Fair Check-In Opportunity

  • We are allowing non-auction animals (dairy, goats, lambs, beef) to move in before fair on Friday, August 13th from 6-9PM. The milking parlor will NOT be available Friday evening but can be set up Saturday morning for exhibitors with milk cows. Original health papers will need to be given to a 4-H educator so animals can be health checked first thing Saturday morning by the State Veterinarian. If you have any questions or plan on moving animals in on Friday night, let Stephanie know at or call the 4-H office.

Fair Association Parking, Bridge, and Unloading/Loading Updates…

  • Fair parking passes are still available for purchase at the 4-H office. A weekly pass is $15 for 4-H leaders and $30 for everyone else. All the normal parking lots will be available .If you need to leave livestock trailers with supplies, there will be designated areas to park them in the Water Street parking lot.
  • The bridge from the Water Street parking lot is not available this year for car/truck passage. The county has installed a pedestrian walking bridge over the creek. There are absolutely NO beef, dairy, goats, hogs, horses, or sheep to cross this bridge! Exhibitors are able to walk poultry and rabbit cages across as you normally do. Livestock & dairy exhibitors will also be able to use wheelbarrows and wagons to move hay and feed across. Thank you in advance for adhering to these rules.
  • Animal Move In Day – Saturday 8/14: All beef, dairy, goats, hogs, and sheep will enter the fairgrounds from the Main Street – Creek Entrance. We will direct traffic up past the livestock barn for unloading. Animals need to arrive between 6am and 12pm.After unloading, trucks and trailers will exit past the horse barns and over the horse lot bridge into the Water Street parking lot. We will need to keep traffic moving as quickly as possible to get everyone through. Starting at 9am, there will be a car show setting up in the lower creek lot. Please be respectful of those participating in the car show when driving onto the fairgrounds. This year we are encouraging families and clubs to bring stall setups, tack and feed ahead of time (Friday) to help speed up animal move in on Saturday.

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