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May 21, 2021 Friday News

Wyoming County 4-H

Friday News

May 21, 2021

During COVID-19 we want to make sure we are keeping all of our 4-H families up to date as much as we possibly can! The entire Wyoming county 4-h staff is here for anything you and your families may need during this time so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your question(s)!

General 4-H update…

With the lifting and loosening of many NYS Forward guidelines, we’re excited to announce several updates to our 4-H programming safety plans. Vaccinated adults and any vaccinated youth participants over the age of sixteen may participate in 4-H programming without a mask. Unvaccinated adults, unvaccinated youth participants, and all youth participants under 16 must remain masked. All other pre-existing safety protocols (social distancing, sign-in sheets, etc.) are still in place. Capacity restrictions for outdoor programming are lifted, so long as six feet of social distancing is maintained and all other safety protocols are followed (including the above mask guidance).Previously listed capacity limits for indoor events remain unchanged. We expect to update this guidance frequently as we receive additional guidelines from the state and local health authorities and as additional vaccination options are made available to youth across the state. Please be sure to check out the next issue of 4-H News for a full update on 4-H summer safety protocols.

Wyoming County 4-H Leaders’ Association Spring Meeting…

  • Monday, May 24th starting at 7pm, located at the Ag & Business Center. Agenda Items include 2021 cookie sale wrap up, programming updates, funding requests, and more. All Wyoming County 4-H club leaders are invited and encouraged to attend. If you have questions or would like to let us know you plan to attend, you can easily register here:

Livestock Educational Events…

  • The sheep Kahoot! game is currently live and will close at 8pm on Saturday 5/22.It will work as an education event to show beef, sheep or pigs at the fair. To participate just click here:

Dairy grade & Lease paperwork…

  • Paperwork is due to the 4-H office by June 1, 2021! You can find grade and leased animal certificates by clicking this link. Dairy Grade Certificate

Dairy Judging…

  • With only three farms remaining, there is still time to sign up for dairy judging. Contact Stephanie at or (585) 786-2251 to register today!

Local dairy sale…

  • If youth are looking for high quality dairy project animals Co-Vista Holsteins will be holding a sale on Saturday, May 22nd at 11 AM. They will have 80 head of high quality, local animals, for sale. The sale is located at their heifer barn at 13669 Genesee Rd. Chaffee, NY 14030. If families have questions they can email Stephanie at

Pheasant reminder…

  • Reminder that if families ordered pheasants that they are being delivered on Wednesday, June 2nd at 1:30PM

Name our Cow!!...

  • Exciting things are happening at the Wyoming County 4-H office! Thanks to the Dairy Education Grant we were able to adopt this Holstein cow! We will be holding a “Name our Cow” event. Wyoming County 4-H youth can enter a name for our Holstein cow. We will be taking entries for her name until June 4th and following that we will do a poll on our Facebook page to vote for her name. To submit a name please email the 4-H office at and include the cow’s name, 4-H members name and age. Only 1 name submission allowed per youth.

Oakfield Corners Dairy Growing Through showing…

  • For more information contact Stephanie Luders at 585-786-2251 x115 or

Horse updates…

  • Western Equitation Clinic & Rider Evaluation this Saturday!! We will begin promptly at 10AM. It is recommended you bring your own horse to work with during the clinic if possible, but youth may also attend without their project animal for educational event credit.
  • Horse Certificates are dune June 1st!!
  • Although our 4-H program will not be participating in the NYS Fair this year, we will be treating the July 17th “Qualifying Show” as a 4-H Show. We will be releasing the entry form in June! Stay tuned for more details!

Delicious Destinations...

  • Please email Sarah at or call the 4-H office! Details of this event can be found on page 9 of the 4-H news.

Important Wyoming County Fair Participation Survey

  • We are currently working with the Wyoming County Fair Association, Pike Fire Department, Town of Pike, and the Wyoming County Health on the necessary safety plans and protocols for the Wyoming County Fair this year. We do not have final answers yet as to potential changes within the August 14-21 schedule or how everything will look but we will keep everyone up to date as we finalize plans.
  • In the meantime, the 4-H office needs to gauge interest for 4-H youth fair exhibits in order to help facilitate planning. Please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey for each youth member about potential animal and youth building exhibits you are planning on. We appreciate your help in giving us the best information you have currently and understand things may change before fair time. Please feel free to call the 4-H office with any questions!
  • 4-H Fair Participation Survey Link:

4-H Staff Email Contacts

Holly Harwood:

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General 4-H:


Alesia Ackerman
Senior Administrative Assistant
585-786-2251 ext 110

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